Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Update...2011...the lost year?

Ok, so it's been a while...

First semester was an uphill battle at school mainly due to relationship issues taking up the lion's share of brainspace...but ended incredibly well with two 7s (for Political Philo and Communication & Rhetoric) and a disappointing 5 in Medical Anthropology. I think it safe to say I am no social scientist! hahhaa! The essay criteria and style are very different to my modus operandi in Philosophy and there were some not insignificant communication issues with the lecturer regarding clarity of requested content...But I passed with an intact GPA and a Dean's Commendation for my 7s!

Between semesters I ran away to France for some much-needed respite in the bosom of my family - unseen for 3 years so it was very good to catch up.

Semester 2 was all Philosophy and also ventured into third year territory for the first time...
Epistemology and Metaphysics was my only 2nd yr course, combined with Contemporary European Philosophy (think Arendt, Hegel, Derrida etc) and the Rise of Modern Philosophy (basically the links between enlightenment philosophers and science - think Leibniz, Spinoza, Locke, Hume, Berkeley etc)

Epistemology and Metaphysics was the pre-req for the Rise of Modern, and I am no analytical philosopher, so to do them concurrently was a massive ask for me...there were times when I truly felt I was losing my mind, and I have NEVER read so much and so widely - from religious texts to the theory of special relativity - I covered a LOT of ground, constantly feeling like a retard.

Continental philosophy was its usual enigmatic and poetic haven and even Derrida was a relaxing alternative to the analytic onslaught of the other two courses!

Results came out last week and miracle of miracles, two 6s for E&M and Rise of Modern, and a 7 for Contemporary European. Hoorah! GPA remains steady at 6.33. Such a relief!

Am currently reading over summer semester for a Special Topics thesis on moral issues surrounding euthanasia - specifically considering the idea of the body itself as a form of life support at this point and how this view can collapse the dichotomous positing of artificial v natural, passive v active and so on. Very interesting stuff. Surprisingly (to me!) the metaphysics is coming in very handy when considering issues arising from mind/body dualism and causation, and also the continuity of personal identity and issues of personhood.

Next semester begins in February with a brand new course that, for me, is nothing less than a dream come true: a third year Bioethics course in applied philosophy INCLUDING AN INTERNSHIP AT A HOPSITAL!!! Wooo! Getting to see how an ethics committee functions in the field is going to be fucking awesome. Can't wait.

Bioethics will be joined by a more historical slant on ethics in 'Ethics and the Passions' and a bit of light relief in the form of an Art History course on Fashion, Culture and the Body. Yay!

I'm on track for graduation in a year's time, possibly to be followed by a move south to NSW to complete Honours studies at Macquarie Uni in Sydney (they have a devoted ethic centre) but the idea of such a massive shift for just one year is daunting to say the least...Time will tell I guess...

So yeah...that's what's been happening...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Environmental Philo result.....

Got my result from Summer Semester's course on Environmental Philosophy:

A '6' (equivalent to a Distinction)

which is great for keeping my grade point average at 6 overall, but really it should have been a 7...

once again my procrastination monster took over.

actually this time was the worst EVER, as I actually didn't even CARE about it (at the time)

of course, I do NOW hahaha.

Both essays were late (one was even late after an extension. NEVER done that before)
Also the criteria on Reading Responses was changed as a result of the chaos after the Brisbane floods, and I ended up doing only 3 of the 4 required (frankly because i couldn't be arsed travelling 6 hours to the last lecture)

so yeah.

Not very pleased with myself...

Next semester begins on Monday.

I have books on order for Communication and Rhetoric (and have already purchased a 2nd hand copy of Machiaevelli's The Prince.)
Medical Anthropology text book arrived this morning, and as essay questions were provided in the course profile (LOVE when that happens - more thinking time!) I have already begun research for that.
Started reading intro notes for Political Philosophy too.

Semester plan done and prominently displayed, work schedule adjusted to suit impending deadlines, etc etc

So yeah - now I just have to pull my finger out and DO THE WORK.