Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Environmental Philo result.....

Got my result from Summer Semester's course on Environmental Philosophy:

A '6' (equivalent to a Distinction)

which is great for keeping my grade point average at 6 overall, but really it should have been a 7...

once again my procrastination monster took over.

actually this time was the worst EVER, as I actually didn't even CARE about it (at the time)

of course, I do NOW hahaha.

Both essays were late (one was even late after an extension. NEVER done that before)
Also the criteria on Reading Responses was changed as a result of the chaos after the Brisbane floods, and I ended up doing only 3 of the 4 required (frankly because i couldn't be arsed travelling 6 hours to the last lecture)

so yeah.

Not very pleased with myself...

Next semester begins on Monday.

I have books on order for Communication and Rhetoric (and have already purchased a 2nd hand copy of Machiaevelli's The Prince.)
Medical Anthropology text book arrived this morning, and as essay questions were provided in the course profile (LOVE when that happens - more thinking time!) I have already begun research for that.
Started reading intro notes for Political Philosophy too.

Semester plan done and prominently displayed, work schedule adjusted to suit impending deadlines, etc etc

So yeah - now I just have to pull my finger out and DO THE WORK.


  1. Not procrastinating is so so hard, but it sounds like you did really well anyway! Don't be too hard on yourself, everyone hands things late sometimes (in my case, always) :) xoxo

    And thank you for your lovely comment!

  2. Everyone procrastinates. And everything always gets done at the last second. We have two options: (1) hate ourselves for procrastinating or (2) just accept that this is the way it is, and that procrastination is okay.

    Of course, there's a third option of having the willpower to get the work done on time, but very very few people take that route!

    Don't hate yourself for the procrastination. It's not worth the agony.