Sunday, October 10, 2010


i am in a hole.

deep and dark and damp.

i'm doing what i can to climb out...assistance has been sought...but i just can't move right now.

i have an essay due (on extension) on Wednesday. Since researching it has sat untouched.

ironically the subject matter is guilt and punishment.

in my mind i think about sitting down and working on it. i think about paragraph ideas; about things i have read; about intros and conclusions. but i just cannot bring myself to begin.

and the sands slip through the hourglass.


  1. :( I know how you feel.

    My study has been happening for two years now. It is via correspondence, and I have 6 years to finish what I have.
    I am so slack and get distracted so easily, rather pend on things such as this, art, social life, etc.

    Is it your lack of concentration?

  2. hi Simone :)

    I did 4 yrs of Open Uni online and occasionally had this problem but nowhere near as bad as i do now. it's not a concentration problem per se...more a dreadful inferiority complex where i struggle to get started due to intense fear of failure. it makes no sense rationally and has so far not been borne out by my grades, but it lurks regardless. i am seeing a psychologist at uni, which is helping a wee bit. what do YOU do to shift your *mental blocks*?

  3. Oh you poor thing :( I'm glad assistance has been sought, it sounds like things are a bit tough at the moment. I went through a similar thing two years ago when I changed universities and went from a distinction average to a pass average.
    Talking to someone is a great help, school psychologists are fantastic :) Good luck with your essay, I'm sure you'll do really well on it! Most people don't start til the day before anyway :p xoxo