Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Officially Official!

ok, so I PASSSSSSSED Logic! Thank fuck for THAT!

(only a 4, but still, it's a vital box ticked)

I got 7s for both Phenomenology & Existentialism and Crime & Punishment, so that brings my GPA up to a very respectable 6 for the semester.

I am relieved and pleased.

Had first day of Environmental Philosophy yesterday - this is going to be good! Really interesting, wide-ranging and challenging.

In other news: I have been falling out of love somewhat with my job over the past few months (I've been there on and off for 6 yrs, the 'offs' usually just extended periods of travelling). It's gotten to the point where I dread going there all week. I'm not even really sure why... I mean, I have many regular customers I love seeing, I get paid well, I like my colleagues (for the most part, one or two give me the shits, but hey the feeling is mutual. it happens, no?) but lately I just do. not. want. to be there.

I started scoping out other (non-hospitality) avenues. Getting up at 5am to get the train to uni is hard as hell as it is, without putting a 1am finish in the night before, so I have been checking out daylight hours. I have a trial on Monday morning at my all-time favourite clothing boutique in Noosa (not that I own a scrap from there - I could never afford it!!!) and am thrilled at the opportunity. It's all yummy black European designer stuff in the most awesome fabrics. Love love love! The owner seems very efficient and straight-up and to the point, I like the cut of her jib, and she seems to like me, so we'll see. It's only a couple of days a week, but she seems open to being flexible around my uni schedule which is a bonus :)

I feel incredibly positive about trying to make changes in my life, and allowing myself to prioritise my studies whilst not excessively compromising where and what I do for a crust. I hope it all works out...a change would be invigorating right now :)


  1. Yay for you! Happy to hear that everything has turned out well with your studies and also pleased about the job opportunity. I think after six years a change is due. It might not *really* be as good as a holiday, but it should be pretty damn good still.

    Hope it goes well. I'm sure you'll be fine.

  2. a HUGE congratulations. that is an Olympian accomplishment, the kind of discipline and focus that takes. great job!!!

  3. That's so great about your marks, you did so well! Congrats :) And you should definitely leave your job, I had the same dilemma 6 months ago and finally left hospitality; and it was the best decision of my life! Good luck with your interview :)

  4. I'm here through Msggie's blog, also from Australia via America. blogging is wonderful like that.

    I could never pass a subject such as logic, I'm impressed you can.

    I'm Melbourne based, with close relatives in Queensland.

    It's good to meet you.

  5. Hey thank you for the comment on my post, it was really lovely and made my day :) I hope you're enjoying your holidays!

  6. I've been trying to follow people with the same passion as me but its hard to find those people on here. Im from North Carolina. Its pretty boring here not much to do. Im really trying to pursue my dream but its hard to do. I dont know how to recognize or what i need to do to get further into it them just a blog.

    My sister actually told me to make a blog because thats how her friend got her business. So Im trying. I really hope everything works out for you. Let me know if you know anyone or could maybe help me out a little even though we are on different sides of the world. lol..have a good one.

    Thanks for the comment!

    Oh..dont be scared shitless..lol..once it follows through it wont be so bad..good luck!